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The Studio Corner is a shop that sells art-themed items for land dens. It was added to the Art Studio on June 9, 2016. It was also added to the Masterpiece Gallery Party later in 2016.


In the Art Studio, this shop appears as a small opening in the red stone with golden yellow light streaming through. It has wooden planks for a counter with a cash register placed on one side. There is also a wooden frame at the top with a "Sale" sign in red and white as well as a curtain at one end.

In the Masterpiece Gallery Party, the shop appears as a tall window built into the side of a wall with a green counter and a red and white "Sale" sign at the top. Inside the window, blank canvases can be seen leaning against one wall.


Most of the items sold here are related to the Paint Studio Collection.

Click Expand to view
Painter-Themed Items Gems
PaintedStar-Blue Painted Star 350 Gems Yes
Painter'sScaffolding Painter's Scaffolding 550 Gems Yes
PaintedRainbow Painted Rainbow 350 Gems Yes
PaintedHeart Painted Heart 350 Gems Yes
Paint Marks blue 1 Paint Marks 350 Gems No
Paint Mixer blue Paint Mixer 550 Gems Yes
PaintPawPrints Paint Paw Prints 350 Gems Yes
Painter's Tarp-Green Painter's Tarp 400 Gems No
Painter'sLadder Painter's Ladder 450 Gems Yes
PaintSplat Paint Splat 400 Gems Yes
Shop Paint-Roller-And-Tray Blue Paint Roller And Tray 350 Gems No
PaintBuckets Paint Buckets 450 Gems Yes
Epic-Wonders Painter's-Easel Diamond Painter's Easel 2 Diamond No
Pixel Easel Pixel Easel 2 Diamond Yes


  • This is one of the only shops to be shared by two different locations.