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The Surprised Jack-O'-Lantern is a non-member den item.


This is a traditional orange pumpkin with its insides hollowed out and a carving in its shell to make it look like it has a surprised face. A small candle is placed inside it to make it glow. There is also a pointed long green stalk with a darker green stripe on the top of the pumpkin. This item has only one version.


The Surprised Jack-O'-Lantern was initially released on October 14, 2010, in Jam Mart Furniture and returned during the Night of the Phantoms. It was most recently released in October 2015 in Jam Mart Furniture and left on November 9, 2015.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Jam Mart FurnitureOctober 14, 2010Unknown
Mystery EmporiumOctober 2011Unknown
Jam Mart FurnitureOctober 2012Unknown
Mystery EmporiumOctober 12, 2013Unknown
Treetop GardensOctober 2014Unknown
Jam Mart FurnitureOctober 2015November 9, 2015
  • It was initially sold for 80 Gems but its price increased to 100 Gems on its 2011 release before increasing again on its 2012 release.

Prize Availability[]

The Surprised Jack-O'-Lantern can be won as a possible prize from the following locations:

Prize Availability Details
The Forgotten DesertGreen Chest
The Forgotten DesertOrange Chest