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Not to be confused with the Pool.

The Swimming Pool is a members-only den item.


The Swimming Pool is an inflated, square-shaped pool with water inside. There are a few patched spots on the inflated swimming pool and some water spilling out. This item comes in ten different color varieties.


The Swimming Pool was initially released in May 2011 in Jam Mart Furniture and returns during the Jamaalidays. It was most recently released on January 17, 2024, in the Heatwave Shop and left on an unknown date.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Jam Mart FurnitureMay 2011February 2012
Heatwave ShopFebruary 16, 20122014
Jam Mart Furniture2013November 2013
Heatwave ShopJanuary 5, 2017Unknown
Heatwave ShopJanuary 4, 2018Unknown
Heatwave ShopJanuary 19, 2019Unknown
Heatwave ShopJanuary 19, 2022Unknown
Heatwave ShopJanuary 19, 2023Unknown
Heatwave ShopJanuary 17, 2024Unknown

Prize Availability[]

The Swimming Pool can be won as a possible prize from the following locations:

Prize Availability Details
The Forgotten DesertGreen Chest
The Forgotten DesertOrange Chest
Note: Only the default green variant can be obtained


  • Walking onto the swimming pool den item does nothing however when this item was used in the April Fools' Party in 2013 it had a pool effect.
  • It is the most expensive item sold at the Heatwave Party, with a price of 400 Gems.