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TBA was an Adventure for Pets that was introduced at the beginning of September 18, 2014 (MST), and removed approximately two hours later on the same day. The adventure was similar to The Forgotten Desert, as it involved exploring a large area and collecting gem shards to unlock prizes. It appeared to be a very early unfinished version of Bitter Sweets for internal testing purposes that was accidentally released. Accessible through legitimate means, it was available at the bottom of the World Map's list of adventures. TBA did not have a proper objective, and consisted of a mostly empty area to explore. Despite this, it was still possible for players to obtain prizes if they managed to collect enough gem shards.


  • Liza (named 'Alpha' and '???' in the adventure) started the Adventure by telling the player to "Go do stuff" for either 15 or 17 minutes, depending on how many other Jammers were also in the adventure.
  • The player could explore the map, find a very small amount of Gems, and receive gem shards indirectly on rare and unspecific occasions.
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Shards Description
Green Shards.png Green Shards One is given to the player when they move (walk) after Liza finishes her introductory dialogue. On rare occasions, a shard was not given. One shard was required to receive a prize.
Yellow Shards.png Yellow Shards Given to the player randomly on rare occasions. It is not known how this was triggered. Two shards were required to receive a prize.
Blue Shards.png Blue Shards Not known to have been obtainable. Three shards were required to receive a prize.
White Shards.png White Shards Given to the player randomly on rare occasions. It is not known how this was triggered. Four shards were required to receive a prize.
Purple Shards.png Purple Shards Not known to have been obtainable. Five shards were required to receive a prize.
  • In order to have finished the adventure, the player must have either waited for the timer to have ran out, or clicked on the "Enable Cheat" info button close to the spawn point. If enough gem shards of a certain color were obtained, the player would receive a furniture item.


These were some of the possible rewards for completing a gem shard collection:

Den Items
Angry Golden Phantom
Bags Of Feed
Basket of Candy
Cami's Frog
Coral Canyons Floor
Dog Sled
Flower Carpet
Greely Statue
Ice Dresser
Magic Mirror
Snow Angel
Spaceship Gray
Sunset Beach Towel
Wolf Cavern


  • The adventure was completely silent.
  • While Phantoms and Proto-Phantoms could be encountered in this adventure, they were not able to deal damage to the player. This meant it was impossible for the player to lose hearts.
  • There was no way to gain courage points in this adventure.
  • When joining an instance of this adventure hosted by another player, every other player would have appeared as the host's pet while in the lobby screen.
  • The portal at the beginning of the adventure appears identical to the one seen in The Forgotten Desert.
  • Despite gem shards being a component in this adventure, they were not physical items that could be found and picked up. Gem shards could only be obtained when they were occasionally granted to the player for seemingly arbitrary and unclear reasons. Aside from the green gem shard, it is not known what events would trigger a shard to be received.
  • While the list of gem shards on the left side of the screen shows all five colors, only the green, yellow, and white shards were known to be obtainable in this adventure.
  • There is an info button that takes the player to a cave that was never seen in Bitter Sweets.
  • "TBA" stands for "To Be Announced" or "To Be Arranged", meaning the name "Bitter Sweets" had likely not been finalized at the time this adventure was released.


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