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Taylor Maw was the lead concept and story artist for Animal Jam. He worked on Animal Jam as a designer and illustrator from the game's inception until June 2021.

Animal Jam Activity

In the early days of Animal Jam, Taylor made all of the art for the game. He later moved on to primarily manage the department that works on the game's concept art. He designed all of the animals, pets, and Alphas, as well as some of the items and rooms. He created the Sketch Jam art tutorial videos that can be found in the Painting activity. He uploaded many concept sketches for the game to his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Art Style

Most of his artwork is minimalistic and features simple cell shading if any at all. He has a distinct fantasy-like cartoony style that features bright colors and lineless borders.


Taylor received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Animation from Brigham Young University. Before his employment with WildWorks, Taylor was a storyboard artist with Avalanche Software, another Salt Lake City-based video game developer. He was later a character animator for the Waterford Institute of Technology. He started working at WildWorks in 2007 as an animator and, in 2009, he became the lead character designer and story/concept art for the company's games. Taylor's employment at WildWorks came to an end in June 2021 and he currently works as a freelance concept artist.


  • He sketched the original design pitch for Animal Jam, and he also designed the original six animals that the game had to start out with.
  • In addition to concept art, he occasionally worked on 2D animation and storyboarding for the game, such as the animated cutscene in The Phantom Badlands.


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