• Articpop30

    Hello im here to talk about aj play wilds crappy new trading system, Ok tbh in the begining i didnt have a problem with the trd system but now i think they ought to check it out for bugs and broken bits. I was trading with Xx1d3ntities or something like that when we both accepted our trades and the…

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  • Kdh12345

    A new hacker

    February 14, 2020 by Kdh12345

         So, I haven't played animal jam in a while and I was going to go back on. So I do the normal thing, typing in my info,

    but it wouldn't work. I tried again, didn't work. So I had to reset my password to my password if that makes sense. So

    someone changed it, but who? I went on and immediently saw…

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  • Pineappleapple0912

    It's been a while since the last valentines day (exactly 364 days from the time i'm writing this, almost 365)

    I dunno about you guys, but in my school, nobody ever gives valentine cards to anyone else anymore, except me (which is both funny and sad). But I don't have school on Valentines day in 2020…

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  • Enimo2112

    I was playing Animal Jam just fine this morning, and it crashed, and then every time I went there it would say "This site can't be reached" (this was on Chrome), so I tried the Desktop version, but every time I tried to log in it would say "Something went wrong", so THEN I was so desperate that I t…

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