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The Temple of the Ancients is an area of Jamaa that can be accessed by going through the temple door located in Balloosh. It was released on March 1, 2018.



A very old, ancient temple covered in leafy vines. The waterfall behind the temple floods the roof and spills down on two sides. The temple is powered by ancient technology. Once the building was opened most of the vines were removed, the picture to the right being of when it was not yet opened to jammers.


The inside of the Temple of the Ancients is large in size, with three staircases in the center of the room leading up to its main attraction, the Ancient Armory. The temple has slabs of rock engraved with blue crystals decorating it. Tablets surround the temples' walls, and once clicked a pop-up will appear with a small fact about extinct animals. The temple is dimly lit with its only light source being the light of the blue crystals. One of the stones has been changed due to unknown causes and is now a statue of a sabertooth tiger which is now an animal in Jamaa. It is unknown why this particular animal had appeared as a statue rather than simply being found by a heartstone like most animals are found.


Ancient Armory

This shop is located when walking or climbing straight above when entered. It sells the Ancient Armor Set and Juno's Armor Set.


Tablets are scattered around the temple walls. When clicked, a pop-up appears with a short excerpt containing facts about extinct animals.

Ancient Treasures

The shop is located to the left of the Ancient Armory. It sells Juno themed den items.


  • This area might be related to the adventure The Mystery Below due to its appearance.
  • Two of the "Facts" are incorrect; the first one being that the biggest extinction was 65 million years ago. This is false - the biggest extinction was the Permian Mass extinction about 252 million years ago, where 95% of all life on Earth was killed. The second incorrect "fact" is the one stating a comet burst into flames; this is impossible due to comets being made of ice and dust and does not have the energy to "burst into flames".


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