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Not to be confused with the Test Item.

The test is an unreleased non-member den item that exists in Animal Jam Classic's code.


The test item appears to be a somewhat long, fuschia rectangular prism with a dull color scheme. This item comes in only one variety.


  • The item is not 3D; it is a 2D sprite made with 3D graphics, just like all other items made in this style.
  • This item was likely meant to be a test and wasn't meant to be in the game, just like another unreleased item, Clock.
  • Its name suggests that it was made to test the use of 3D pre-rendered graphics in den items. This style likely went on to be used in 3D-like items such as the Masterpiece Token.
  • There are other items named test, such as one looking exactly like the Epic Phantom Throne, but non-member. Some other test items are invisible.