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The Amazing Shell Game, also known as the Shell Game, is a multiplayer mini-game that was released in 2011. It can be started by challenging other players using the Games tab on Player Cards. Alternatively, the Games menu can be used to start an open invitation popup that any Jammer can click on to join.


It involves the shell popping up to reveal the cherry, then spinning around with the other shells. At the end of a round, the players must guess which shell has the cherry and click their guess using the mouse. There are three rounds, each getting progressively harder and faster. The winning player receives 20 Gems while the other player receives 5 Gems.


The achievements below apply to all buddy games in general:

Achievements Description
Bronze Gamer Bronze Gamer! Play 25 buddy games
Silver Gamer Silver Gamer! Play 50 buddy games
Gold Gamer Gold Gamer! Play 100 buddy games
Platinum Gamer Platinum Gamer! Play 250 buddy games
Winner Winner! Win 10 buddy games
Victor Victor! Win 25 buddy games
Champion Champion! Win 50 buddy games


  • If both players do not choose a shell, the game will decide for them. 
  • If one player does not choose a shell, the game will copy their opponent's move.
  • This is based off a puzzle in real life where a person would hide something under a cup, add other cups, and then they would move cups around, and someone would guess where the cup holding the item is.
  • In the past, there was a glitch where only the word "THE" would show up and "AMAZING SHELL GAME" would not.


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