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Blue Heron frame-1

A full view of the ship

The Blue Heron was formerly the tutorial stage for New Jammers guided by Liza. It was first introduced in February 2014, but it was later replaced by the current tutorial guided by Peck. Jammers could also access this stage by clicking a button in the Settings menu.


It has triangular cyan pieces of wood on its sides to supposedly replicate feathers, and a wood flooring. It has two wheels that spin and say "The Blue Heron" on them. There are stairs up to a little ledge and busts of Sir Gilbert and Greely. There are two sacks, and a store with a yellow counter. Behind Liza is a steering wheel to control the ship. The figurehead is carved to look like the head of a heron with a glowing eye.


Besides the introduction to the game by Liza, which is the main purpose of this area, there is also the Clothing Shop that sells non-member clothing items.


  • The Blue Heron is a reference to Mira, a guardian spirit of Jamaa; however, Mira is actually a grey heron.
  • There was a hidden room called "On An Adventure", formerly called "Training", that was similar to The Blue Heron except for the fact that the boat did not move at all. There was no music played, Liza did not appear or guide the player, but the shop was still accessible. It could have been accessed by hacking or by following a player into the room, but the room is now removed.


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