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This article is about the game. For the den item, see The Claw (Item).

The Claw is a mini-game that was originally found in Crystal Sands at Captain Melville's Juice Hut. It was first introduced sometime during Beta Testing, later appearing in the Animal Museum and the Theater Lobby in the Sarepia Theater. The Claw can also be found in many parties such as the Trading Party and the animal-specific parties. This mini-game can be played in dens using the Monthly Member Gift version and the Diamond Shop versions.


The player must pay 5 Gems before they can play a round of the game. First, the player must use their keyboard's arrow keys or click the yellow arrow buttons on the machine to move the claw left and right. Once the player finds a suitable location for the claw, they can drop it by pressing their keyboard's down arrow key or by clicking the large, red button on the machine. The claw then drops and closes; if the player has won a gift, they will hear a squeak and a gift box will appear hanging from the claw as it rises up. The gift box is yellow with pink stripes (like any gift box) but it has question marks all over it also. Finally, if the player won, the prize will be revealed and the player has an option to "Keep" or "Discard" it.


Original Version[]

In the original version of The Claw, Jammers could win various den items such as:

Purple Mat
Orange Mat
Blue Mat
Pink Mat
Beach Ball
Rocking Horse

Plushie Version[]

Sometime around February 2011, the den item rewards were replaced with Plushies. Additional plushie types were added to the possible rewards as they were introduced. The plushies that are currently awarded are as follows:

Tiger Plushie
Bunny Plushie
Panda Plushie
Wolf Plushie
Monkey Plushie
Koala Plushie
Seal Plushie
Elephant Plushie
Rhino Plushie
Crocodile Plushie
Horse Plushie
Penguin Plushie
Lion Plushie
Giraffe Plushie
Fox Plushie
Raccoon Plushie
Deer Plushie
Eagle Plushie
Arctic Wolf Plushie
Snow Leopard Plushie
Kangaroo Plushie
Cheetah Plushie

Monthly Member Gift Version[]

Released in August 2011 as one of the Monthly Member Gifts, this den version rewards the gifts that the standard plushie version offers, but it also rewards a Phantom Plushie that cannot be found anywhere else.

Trading Party Version[]

When the Trading Party was introduced in January 2012, it included a version of the claw machine that only rewards some clothing items. This seems to be the same version that was included in the trading-themed Jammer Party, which has an unmarked claw machine that can be clicked to play the game. The rewards in both cases seem to consist of the following items:

Fancy Top Hat
Horned Leg Pads
Rare Glove
Scary Horns
Freedom Hat
Wreath Necklace
Bat Glasses

Animal-Only Versions[]

In many parties, there is a claw machine that only rewards a specific plushie. These parties are:

Parties Plushies
Leap Year Party (2012 Only) Lion Plushie
Wolves Only Party Wolf Plushie
Bunnies Only Party Bunny Plushie
Horses Only Party Horse Plushie
Monkeys Only Party Monkey Plushie

Diamond Shop Version[]

The Diamond Shop had sold non-member claw machines until they were replaced by member claw machines with a new design, starting with The Arctic Wolf Claw. These are claws that only reward plushies of a specific animal. These claws currently include:

The Wolf Claw
The Horse Claw
The Monkey Claw
The Bunny Claw
The Tiger Claw
The Elephant Claw
The Panda Claw
The Crocodile Claw
The Rhino Claw
The Seal Claw
The Penguin Claw
The Fox Claw
The Raccoon Claw
The Koala Claw
The Deer Claw
The Giraffe Claw
The Arctic Wolf Claw
The Lion Claw
The Snow Leopard Claw
The Owl Claw
The Cheetah Claw
The Lynx Claw
The Otter Claw
The Hyena Claw
The Llama Claw
The Goat Claw
The Falcon Claw
The Polar Bear Claw
The Kangaroo Claw
The Shark Claw
The Dolphin Claw
The Sea Turtle Claw
The Octopus Claw
The Flamingo Claw
The Clydesdale Horse Claw
The Sloth Claw
The Toucan Claw
The Red Panda Claw
The Coyote Claw
The Sheep Claw
The Pig Claw
The Arctic Fox Claw
The Cougar Claw


  • It is one of the several mini-games to have a price (5 Gems) and a prize that is not Gems.
  • The Trading Party version of this game costs 25 Gems to play it instead of the normal price of 5 Gems
  • The red button that lowers the claw originally had the word "DROP" on it instead of an arrow.
  • There is a glitch where the Trading Party version, despite costing 25 Gems to play, will display the message "You Must Have 5 Gems to Play" if the player has less than 25 Gems.
  • There is another glitch with The Rare Claw, despite costing 5 Gems to play, will display the message "You need 25 gems to play" if the player has less than 5 Gems.
  • The plushie version of the claw provides an estimated 27% chance of getting a common plushie, 4% chance of getting a special plushie that includes an accessory, and 69% chance of not getting anything.
  • In an update on November 19, 2015, a glitch occurred where all claw machines appeared to only contain white Elephant Plushies. However, each claw machine still rewarded the correct set of plushies and no white Elephant Plushies could actually be won. This glitch was later fixed.
  • The regular plushie version of this game will often display unreleased plushies inside the machine even though they cannot actually be won from the machine.


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