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This article is about the adventure. For the music, see The Great Escape (Music).

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The Great Escape is an adventure that was added on October 24, 2013, with hard mode following on November 7, 2013. It is the fifth adventure available in the Adventure Base Camp and was originally only available to Members. On January 18, 2018, this adventure became available for all Jammers.


1. The player spawns in a courtyard area of a tower, Cosmo is there which the player can talk to.

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2. Once Cosmo is done talking, the player must proceed to dance, hop, and play to attract the Phantoms' attention and get captured. The player is then taken to a cell and is told to by another prisoner to find a hidden lever disguised as a cuff at the other end of the cell.

3. The player must traverse a short cave like area in order to escape, at the end of the cave is Andy, the previous prisoner before the player, and talk to him. Behind him are several Rotating Mirrors, which the player must use to direct the light to the crystals to open a set of door. After doing so the player must travel around the Phantom Watchers, disable them, and free the Monkeys who were taken prisoner.

4. After freeing all of the Monkeys, they will head over to the Mira Emblem and hop, the player must join them in order to open the gate leading to a staircase upwards. The tower has seven levels, and the player must go through all of them to reach the top.

  • The first level has a single Phantom Watcher and some Phantom Pods, at the staircase there is a lever to disable the Phantom Watcher.
  • The second level has a mirror puzzle which the player needs to solve, the player must rotate the mirrors to aim the light into the Glowing Crystal.
  • The third level is similar to the first, but with more Phantom Watchers and areas to hide behind, this floor needs a key to unlock the door to the next staircase.
  • The forth level contains another mirror puzzle but is more elaborate.
  • The fifth is a Phantom Watcher avoidance floor, this time with a key and a gate.
  • The sixth floor has several Phantom patrolling the mirror puzzle, this level has an extra door to get to the Animal passage.
  • The final floor has several Phantoms and Phantom Sprouters that will attack the player.

5. On the top level, the player must talk to Greely.

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After speaking to Greely an earthquake will occur, and a cutscene will play showing a volcano erupting. Greely will speak to the player again.

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7. The player must play a minigame somewhat like Wind Rider to escape the tower.

8. Cosmo will greet the player at the original starting area where they landed at, and allow the player to select their reward.

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Treasure Chest Normal Hard
Top Left Chest Great-Escape Phantom-Cog.png Phantom Cog Gems.png 1,000 Gems
Top Middle Chest Gems.png 1,000 Gems Great-Escape Hard Glowing-Crystal.png Glowing Crystal
Top Right Chest Great-Escape Mira-Emblem.png Mira Emblem Gems.png 1,500 Gems
Bottom Left Chest Gems.png 750 Gems Great-Escape Hard Rotating-Mirror.png Rotating Mirror
Bottom Right Chest The-Great-Escape-Prize Polluted-Graham-Statue.png Polluted Graham Statue Phantom Watcher.JPG Phantom Watcher

Animal Passages


Prizes found in the Monkeys only gate located on the sixth floor of the tower in Normal and Hard Mode include:

Clothing Items
Bat Glasses
Bunny Hat
Candy Cane Crown
Candy Cane Tiara
Clover Blanket
Fancy Top Hat
Freedom Helmet
Freedom Mask (Rare)
Hat and Beard
Heart Locket
Horned Leg Pads
Knight Helmet
Lollipop Necklace
Mech Angel Wings
Moon Necklace
Old Blanket
Rare Fox Hat
Rare Heart Locket
Rare Scary Bat Wings
Rare Scary Cat Hat
Shark Fin
Sun Necklace
Worn Blanket
Wreath Necklace


Prizes found in the Kangaroos-only gate in Hard Mode difficulty include:

Clothing Items
Bunny Hat
Butterfly Wings
Candy Cane Tiara
Freedom Wings
Pink Purse
Rare Tiara
Worn Blanket


  • There is a cell in the dungeon by the monkey named Monty where the player can see a room with lots of beta and rare items in it, such as Arctic Hoods, Fox Hats, and Founders' Hats. The player cannot reach this room, and when Monty is released and on his way to the Mira Emblem, he talks about how the rotten Phantoms put their rare items in a cell that cannot be opened.
  • There is a secret lever in the cell of a monkey named Luke; it leads to a treasure chest with 200 gems. In Hard Mode, the secret chest behind Luke's cell has 400 gems instead of 200.
  • The tower has many statues of Graham, the Monkey Alpha. It also has many cogs, which indicates the tower may have been an idea of Graham's to protect Jamaa. This is evidenced further by dialogue the Monkey NPC, Luke says in his imprisoned and released states.
  • The parachute part of this adventure also contributes to Wind Rider achievements. Gems in the parachute part are worth twice as much as they are in Wind Rider.
  • The music from this adventure is on sale at the Diamond Shop for one Diamond.
  • There is a glitch where the player can go through the Phantom Watchers and not get put to sleep.
  • There is a glitch where the video of the erupting volcano goes on endlessly, forcing the player to exit Animal Jam Classic entirely and forfeit the prize.


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