The Kangaroo Claw is a members-only den item. It was released at the Diamond Shop on March 18, 2016, for approximately 1 month. It returned for another release but went on clearance and was removed sometime around the end of November 2018.


The The Kangaroo Claw item appears as a large arcade machine that is made out of marble or some other type of cracked stone. The machine has bands of light-blue with a yellow pattern along the base, middle, and top. The front of the machine features a control pad with two yellow arrows and one red button. There is also an animated game controller icon below the control pad and a golden figure of a Kangaroo plushie at the top. The top section of the machine has arched frames with glass panels on each side to reveal many different colored kangaroo plushies on the inside. On the very top of the machine, there is an animated golden crown that spins continuously. This item has only one version.


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