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The Mystery Below is an Adventure available to all Jammers. It was released on November 30, 2017, and is currently accessible through the Adventure Menu and Forgotten Archive. The original adventure was modified and a "hard" mode was released on May 24, 2018.


  • First, the player will be met with Cosmo and Graham at a Zios gate.
  • Click on a mushroom looking fungi to get Light Blossoms, a fruit similar to Boomseeds.
  • Take a light blossom and drop it on a crystal. A moth will appear, attracted by the light of the crystal.
  • Lead it towards a door with Zios' mask imprinted on it.
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  • Then, the player has to guide four moths to the door.
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  • The bottom right moth route has red crystals that the moths will be attracted to. Destroy those.
  • The route to the top moth will have rocks in the way of the crystals, as well as the moth being trapped in a rock with light being emitted from the cracks.
  • The route to the left has mushroom bridges that are activated by dropping a light blossom on them and are broken apart onto islands by chasms.
  • Throughout the map, there are stones with strange runes on them that can be illuminated with light blossoms. When lit, they display messages to the player.
  • Once all the moths have been guided to the central crystals, Cosmo and Graham will engage in conversation.
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  • Open the door and it reveals a staircase leading downwards; once clicked, the player will be transported to another floor.
  • In this room, the player has to light the room using torches left on the ground. Lighting the room will reveal a hidden city.
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  • In the hidden city, the player will need to turn on a light source and solve a light puzzle similar to the ones with Spotbrights and mirrors.
  • After solving the puzzle, the player will need to press 3 buttons in 3 different areas within 1 minute.
  • Upon pressing all three buttons, a door will unlock towards another puzzle similar to the one before.
  • At the end of the light puzzle, the Adventure is complete.

Adventure Rewards

Adventure Completion

The following rewards can be obtained by finishing the adventure:

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Treasure Chest Normal Mode Hard Mode
Top Left Ancient Chair.png Ancient Chair Ancient Wall Hanging.png Ancient Wall Hanging
Top Center TMB TC Ancient Sofa.png Ancient Sofa Ancient Stepping Stones.png Ancient Stepping Stones
Top Right Ancient Lamp.jpg Ancient Lamp Ancient Lamppost.png Ancient Lamppost
Bottom Left Ancient rug prize.png Ancient Rug Ancient Fountain.png Ancient Fountain
Bottom Right Ancient welcome mat prize.png Ancient Welcome Mat Ancient-writing-desk.PNG Ancient Writing Desk

Animal Passages

There are certain special treasure passages that can only be unlocked by a specific type of animal:

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Snow Leopard Only
Ancient Chaise Lounge.png Ancient Chaise Lounge/Ancient Ruins This passage is located in the center of the lost city right after the three pressure plates. It is just below and to the left of the first crystal barrier, after passing through it.
TMB Passage Snow-Leopards.png
Arctic Wolf Only
Ancienttable.png Ancient Table/Ancient Wall This passage is located near the end of the adventure and the player has to go around the room with the Obelisk, as it is behind it. (Normal) This passage is located near the bottom of the lost city at the end of the adventure. It is just below and to the left of the second crystal barrier, before passing through it. (Hard)
TMB Passage Arctic-Wolves.png

Other Prizes

There are a number of additional prizes that can be obtained from various treasure chests:

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Prizes Location
Ancient Hanging Lantern.png Ancient Hanging Lantern This chest is located along the top of the glow moth cave. It can be accessed by activating a series of glowing mushrooms to form a bridge.
Mystery Below Map Ancient Hanging Lantern.png
TMB Ancient Armoire.png Ancient Armoire This chest is located in a hidden passage at the bottom of the glow moth cave.
Mystery Below Map Ancient Armoire.png
TMB Ancient Vanity.png Ancient Vanity This chest is located near one of the light puzzles at the start of the lost city area. It appears when an alternate crystal is activated with the light instead of guiding the light to finish the puzzle.
Mystery Below Map Ancient Vanity.png
TMB Ancient Ruins.png Ancient Ruins Optional Boulder after getting Boomseeds. Where the Arctic Wolf Passage is in Normal (Hard)
TMB Chest-4-Loc Ancient-Wall.png
TMB Ancient Wall.png Ancient Wall Alternate Crystal after Button Area (Hard)
TMB Chest-6-Loc Ancient-Ruins.png
Gems.png 150/300 Gems At the bottom of the city (Normal)/Guarded by Flame Traps after the Button Area (Hard)
TMB Chest-5-Loc 500-Gems.png

Courage Points

The minimum Courage Points for completing this adventure under normal difficulty is approximately 1015 CP, while the maximum under normal difficulty is roughly 1868 CP. Under hard difficulty mode, the minimum is approximately 1290 CP and the maximum is roughly 2253 CP.

Courage Point Details
Adventure Action Required
Courage Points
Smash Rock Barrier 7[1.1] 96 7[1.2] 96 2[2]
Smash Crystal Rock Barrier[3] 3 3 3 3 2[4]
Smash Fake Crystal Beacon 3 3 3 3 25
Light Crystal Beacon 33 33 43 43 25
Light Rune Stone[5] 0 23 0 23 25
Light Mushroom Bridge 6 10 6 10 5
Light Brazier 3 3 3 3 5
Destroy Phantom[6] 0 0 0 2 25
Boomseed Rock Barrier 0 0 3 4 5
Destroy Phantom Sprouter 0 0 0 4 5
Disable Phantom Watchers 0 0 0 1 5
Destroy Phantom Turret 0 0 0 4 5
Open Crystal Barrier 0 0 1 1 10
Open Treasure Chest 0 6 0 8 5
Open Animal Passage 0 2 0 2 25
Finish Adventure 1 1 1 1 50
Total Courage 1015 CP 1868 CP 1290 CP 2253 CP
1.1. 1.2. There are only around 7 rock barriers blocking essential paths, but the player might have to destroy many more to navigate the adventure.
2. Smashing rock barriers displays "+5 Courage Points" but it actually only rewards 2 Courage Points according to the CP meter and the network data.
3. Crystal rock barriers appear similar to regular rock barriers, except that they appear at the base of certain crystals and block the moth from reaching the light.
4. Smashing crystal rock barriers displays "+25 Courage Points" but it actually only rewards 2 Courage Points according to the CP meter and the network data.
5. Rune stones can be lit by dropping a light blossom on them causing their carved rune markings to light up and they appear in twisted and rounded varieties, the latter of which display some lore-related messages. Neither of these stones are required to complete the adventure.
6. Only the regular Phantoms reward Courage Points when destroyed. The Phantoms spawned from the sprouter factories do not reward any CP when they are destroyed.


  • This Adventure is the 18th one to be released.
  • This Adventure introduced a new variant of seeds, Light Blossoms, that are found by Cosmo in the beginning.
  • Before it was updated, the player had to do a lot more in the ancient city. At the end of the first light puzzle, the player would need to grab the Boomseeds that appear and break some boulders to get to the next part. In the next section, the player would have to press 3 buttons like the ones in The Trials of Zios in 60 seconds. In the first button room there were flame cracks similar to the ones in The Trials of Zios, but with a blue flame. The room after that had about 5 phantom spouts, and the last room had multiple phantom watchers. Pressing one of the buttons initiated the 60 seconds. After that, the player had to find one of the light sources and solve another light puzzle. After walking around solving it, the player would come across a glow moth. The player would have to instantly follow it, because it would lead to the hidden passageway with the key to unlock the door nearby. After finding the key and solving the 2nd light puzzle, the player would need to unlock the blue crystal door. Once inside, the player would need to solve a 3rd light puzzle. When done, the light beam would have lead to the obelisk at the end.
    • This was brought back as the Hard Mode for the adventure.
  • The messages from the former residents of the ancient city were originally in the form of paper scrolls, but these were replaced with glowing stone tablets when the adventure was updated.
  • There were many mirror glitches when the adventure was first released, but these were later fixed when the adventure was updated and made shorter.
  • Like most new adventures, this was initially only accessible via the Parties List.
  • The completed map of the glow moth cave is shaped like a moth.


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