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This article is about the adventure. For the den item, see Phantom Portal.

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The Phantoms have opened a portal to Jamaa and have discovered how to wilt chomper plants! Find a way to revive the plants, and help Liza close the portal. Teamwork will help you work through this Adventure.
~ Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide

The Phantom Portal is an Adventure available to all Jammers. It was released on July 11, 2013, and the Hard difficulty mode was introduced on August 8, 2013. It was originally members-only, but it was unlocked for all Jammers on September 12, 2013. It is a continuation of the Return of the Phantoms adventure and followed by the Meet Cosmo adventure.


1. Liza will appear to start the adventure, telling the player that they must clear the polluted river to water the Chomper Plants which the Phantoms have withered.

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2. Then, the player must plug the Phantom Pipes, water the Chomper Plants, and trap Phantoms until one of the Phantoms will drop a Phantom Key. The player must use it to unlock the Phantom Door across the river.

3. After talking to the trapped Monkeys, the player is asked to find four Phantom Keys to unlock the cages. Phantom Webs will block the player, and can be destroyed by clicking on them repeatedly.

4. When the monkeys are freed, the player will have to hop on the Mira Emblem to open the Phantom Gate.

5. There is a cavern behind the gate, where Liza will ask the player to find three Portal Crystals hidden across the cavern to seal the Phantom Portal in order to save Jamaa and stop the Phantom King from coming through.

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Treasure Chest Normal Mode Hard Mode
Top Left ThePhantomPortal CaveCrystals Cave Crystals
Random clothing item
Top Middle Portal-Crystal Prize Portal Crystal Gems 750 or 1,500 Gems
Top Right The-Phantom-Portal Prize Explorer-Crate Explorer Crate
Random clothing item
Bottom Left Gems 500 Gems Gems 1,000 Gems
Bottom Right The-Phantom-Portal Prize Phantom-Pipe Phantom Pipe
Random clothing item

Treasure Chests[]

There are six treasure chests in this adventure, not including passages.

  1. At the start of the adventure, go left immediately, pressing against the trees and slipping through them into a sunlit clearing with a chest.
  2. After plugging all the Phantom Pipes, cross the river. Across the bridge (to the area with the door), go in the direction of the square of tall grass. Cross the river and follow the path there to a chest.
  3. Go to the other end of the river.
  4. Pass the first Phantom Web and across the bridge. Defeat the Phantom. Go along the path it was traveling. Break the web and defeat two phantoms. Go into the trees on their right.
  5. Upon traveling further into the adventure, there is a visible chest by the next water well.
  6. On the other side of the well, upon traveling down the trees a little, slide through to a chest.

The only chests in the cave are behind certain animal-restricted passages.

Foxes Only Passage[]

Phantom-Portal Foxes-Passage

The popup for the Foxes-Only Passage.

This passage can only be opened by a Fox. It is located at the bottom-right side of the cave. The treasure chest at this passage can reward a variety of clothing items; the possible prizes are listed below:

Possible Prizes
Clothing Items Hard Mode Only?
Bat Glasses No
Bunny Hat No
Butterfly Wings No
Candy Cane Crown No
Candy Cane Tiara No
Clover Blanket No
Dragon Mask No
Fancy Top Hat No
Flower Necklace No
Freedom Bands Yes
Freedom Bunny Hat No
Freedom Cape Yes
Freedom Hat No
Freedom Helmet Yes
Freedom Mask Yes
Freedom Wings Yes
Hat And Beard No
Hat And Curly Wig No
Heart Locket No
Horned Leg Pads No
Jolly Elf Hat Yes
Knight Helmet No
Lei Yes
Lollipop Necklace No
Mech Angel Wings No
Moon Necklace No
Necklace No
Old Blanket Yes
Old Hood No
Pink Purse Yes
Pirate Sword Yes
Rare Bow And Arrows Yes
Rare Fox Hat Yes
Rare Frankenstein Mask Yes
Rare Glove Yes
Rare Heart Locket Yes
Rare Lei Yes
Rare Mech Angel Wings Yes
Rare Scary Bat Wings Yes
Rare Scary Cat Hat Yes
Rare Spiked Hair Yes
Rare Star Cape Yes
Rare Tiara Yes
Round Glasses No
Scary Horns No
Shark Fin Yes
Silver Glove Yes
Spiked Hair No
Star Cape No
Tiara Yes
Tie No
Turkey Hat No
Worn Blanket Yes
Wreath Necklace No

Lions Only Passage (Hard Mode only)[]

This passage is only available in Hard mode and can only be opened by a Lion. It is located behind the Foxes passage, meaning that a Fox must first unlock their passage before a Lion can access this passage. The only item obtainable from the lions only passage is the Slingshot.


  • This adventure was originally only for Jammers with a purchased Membership, but it was made available to all Jammers on September 12th, 2013.
  • When in hard mode, there is a glitch that happens when the player goes down one slide. When this glitch happens, their avatar will teleport into the darkness and then move to where the glitch happens. This process is then repeated. The glitch appears on other Jammers' screens, but not usually on the person who is in the glitch. This glitch can also happen in other adventures with slides.
  • In both difficulty modes, there is a glitch where a Phantom Pipe might disappear when it is plugged, but the exploding phantom goo will remain frozen in its place; this also happens in other adventures with Phantom Pipes.
  • This is the first appearance of the Phantom King.
  • There is a glitch where one of the Phantom Webs is unbreakable.
  • This is the first appearance of Phantom Webs.
  • As the player inserts crystals into the portal, large Phantom arms begin to reach through the portal.
  • There is a glitch that the phantom pipe does not disappear even when the cork is plugged in.
    • There are also some Phantom pipes that may not accept the cork.
    • In addition, the pipe's fountain of goo may not disappear after shooting into the air.
  • A glitch that occurs in all adventures including The Phantom Portal where when the phantom puts you in a deep sleep, your animal is already sleeping while going to the respawn.
  • There is a glitch where when freeing the monkey NPC "Charles", his eyes will disappear. Then, they will show up while he is running to the Mira Emblem, and once he starts jumping his goggles will finally appear.
  • There have been rumors where if the player frees the monkeys in a certain order in hard mode and clicked on a certain chest, they would get a valuable item. This has been proven false due to the prizes being random.
  • There is a glitch where at the end of the game after you receive the prizes and the green portal is clicked, a pop up will appear, informing the player that a jammer's den is locked. This only happens after clicking it once and it won’t show up again.
  • There is a glitch where players will not be able to exit the game and will need to reload.


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