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The River's Heart is an Adventure available to all Jammers. It was released on February 1, 2018, and the portal to this adventure is in the Forgotten Archive in Temple Of Zios. On June 7, 2018, the original adventure was modified slightly and a "hard" mode was introduced.


  • The adventure starts off at the edge of the river, where the player will meet with Greely, and discuss his plan to lead the strange stone (formerly featured in Alpha Headquarters) down the river.
  • The player must follow the river's edge where they will break each phantom web and avoid attacks from various types of Phantoms.
  • This continues until the player sees Greely, who will talk to them.
  • Next, the player enters a new area, and when the raft reaches the barrier, Peck appears.
  • After she explains her appearance, waves of phantoms appear.
  • This part of the adventure increases in levels of difficulty by adding various types of phantoms.
  • During the last couple of waves, she gives the player Paintseeds, which are similar to Boomseeds, but more powerful and covered in multicolored paint.
  • Once the player passes this challenge, Greely appears and notices Peck. Shortly after, the barrier retracts, and the player is able to follow Peck on a path of lily pads.
  • Upon reaching the end of the river, all of the Alphas appear, and the dialogue ensues. The strange stone lights up a circle of rocks, ending the adventure.

First Half

  • When the player enters the adventure they immediately talk to Greely and he explains how the Stone needs to be put back to its place of origin. Greely believes that the fact that the other alphas are keeping it for research is wrong so he decided to steal it and bring it back to where it belongs. He lets the player know that they have to break the Phantom Webs to let the raft go downriver. The player should notice that whenever the raft goes past some lilypads that are translucent, the lilypads will change to green allowing them to be used as a bridge. These are needed to get to other areas.
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  • The player will come across a field with three phantoms. Take them out and break the Phantom Webs to move on to the next section. The next field holds 6 Phantoms. After the player traps the one in the top left most corner they will get the valve to open up the river letting the raft go. Along with that, there are 3 Phantom Webs the player will need to break.
  • In the next section, the player will be introduced to Phantom Snares. There are 6 for the player to either destroy or avoid. After facing a few more foes, the player meets with Greely again where he suggests that the Phantoms have taken the next valve. To find the valve, the player will have to pass 7 Phantom Watchtowers. When the player gets near them, they will wait for a second, then open their eye and create a “sight field”. Going within their sight field starts up the nearby Phantom Watchers, so this is to be avoided.
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  • After this, the player has to pass some Phantom Spitters. Then the raft will encounter polluted water that is caused by 3 Phantom Pipes. The player will need to find 3 corks in order to continue the adventure. Near the first visible cork, there will be a chest. Once the player opens it, it will reveal itself as a Phantom Mimic Chest and unleash a Phantom that must be dispatched or avoided. To find the next cork the player will have to travel around the water's edge to a set of 5 chests near the top left. Here the player will need to open the chests; 4 of them will be Phantom Mimic Chests and only one will hold a cork, which is most likely just the last chest to be opened. If the player goes down from the chest area, they will find patches of grass with several phantoms. The player must run past those Phantoms to reach not only a cork but the Fox Passage as well. Once the pollution has been cleared, the player will come across a Pedalling Phantom. To defeat this obstacle, the player will need to take out the set of pipes across the river from the Pedalling Phantom; one of the pipes will fling out after defeating the Pedalling Phantom. The player will then pass several Phantoms, Phantom Snares, and 1 Pedalling Phantom to get to a field with Greely in it. He will let the player know that he thinks this was all too easy and that they are being watched, but he decides to continue with the mission. The player will then move on to the second stage.
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Second Half

  • First, the player will have to break a Phantom Web, then the raft floats down the river some more. Next, Peck will appear, having been in the raft all along. A message will trigger, "Talk to Peck" and after this, she will let the player know about her suspicions of Greely and that she thinks they are going to be ambushed by Phantoms. The player then gets ambushed by Phantoms.
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Phantom Ambush

  • After Talking to Peck, the Phantom Ambush begins. The Phantom Ambush has 5 waves, and the player has Boomseeds for all of them as well as Paintseeds for the final 2. Also, Phantom Sprouters only spawn 2 phantoms each in normal mode or 3 phantoms each in hard mode, and once they are destroyed, the Sprouter spawns no more. Along with this, the Phantom Snares are not mandatory to defeat to complete each wave. Waves are as follows in the chart. (Note that the Phantoms column includes those spawned from the Phantom Sprouters as well as regular Phantoms spawned by themselves.)
Phantom Ambush Waves Normal (Hard)
Wave Number Phantoms Phantom Sprouters Phantom Snares Phantom Spitters Heavy Phantoms
1 6 (8) 0 (0) 0 (0) 0 (0) 0 (0)
2 12 (18) 6 (6) 0 (0) 0 (0) 0 (0)
3 6 (6) 0 (0) 8 (8) 2 (4) 0 (0)
4 14 (20) 4 (4) 8 (8) 2 (4) 0 (0)
5 12 (18) 6 (6) 8 (8) 4 (4) 4 (6)
All Waves (Total) 52 (70) 16 (16) 24 (24) 8 (12) 4 (6)
  • After the waves are done, Greely appears and says he was attacked by 4 Phantom Kings. He then asks if the stone is all right, but stops mid-sentence when he sees Peck. Then, there is dialogue between Greely and Peck.
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End of Adventure

  • After the ambush concludes, the player will follow the river to the end where all 6 main Alphas are sitting. Sir Gilbert and the other alphas will scold Greely for his misconduct until they all realize that Greely was right all along. Throughout the dialogues, the player will notice some hints to future adventures - Cosmo says he found new plants, Liza says she found some interesting buildings, Graham says he found some new technology, and Peck says that more animals can find their way to Jamaa. After the dialogues are over, the chests with prizes will appear.
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Adventure Rewards

Adventure Completion

The following rewards can be obtained by finishing the adventure:

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Treasure Chest Normal Mode Hard Mode
Top Left Phantomized sofa top left.png Phantomized Sofa Phantomized Stepping Stones.png Phantomized Stepping Stones
Top Center PhantomizedChair.png Phantomized Chair Phantomized Archway.png Phantomized Archway
Top Right Phantomized Window.png Phantomized Window Phantomized HDTV.png Phantomized HDTV
Bottom Left PhantomizedTable.png Phantomized Table Phantomized Koi Pond.png Phantomized Koi Pond
Bottom Right TRH Phantomized Hanging Lantern.png Phantomized Hanging Lantern PhantomizedBeanBagChair.png Phantomized Bean Bag Chair

Animal Passages

Location of every animal passage in this adventure:

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Description and guide to the animal passage:

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Fox Only
Phantomized Writing Desk.png Phantomized Writing Desk This passage is located near the polluted lake along the bottom forest edge all the way to the left. It is just beyond a grouping of Phantoms and tall grass where one of the corks is hidden.
Sheep Only
Phantomized Vanity.png Phantomized Vanity This passage is located in the top left of the first half of the adventure just before the continuation of the battle sequence. It is very close to the river's edge and just off to the right from the path that the player takes when following the raft.

Other Prizes

There are a number of additional prizes that can be obtained from various treasure chests:

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Reward Location
Gems.png 50 Gems (normal)
100 Gems (hard)
Hidden in the trees before reaching the polluted lake.
Phantom Mimic Chest.png Phantom Mimic Chest At the top-left of the polluted lake after defeating the surrounding Phantoms.
Phantom armoire chest.png Phantomized Armoire At the middle of where the river branches into multiple paths.
PhantomWatchtowerPrize.png Phantom Watchtower At the very top of where the river branches into multiple paths.
Phantom snare chest.png Phantom Snare At the end of a long path covered by Phantom Snares.
Gems.png 340 Gems Along a small path near the end of the first river map.
TRH Paintseed Tree.png Paintseed Tree Hidden off to the bottom-left at the end of the adventure.

Locations of those treasure chests:

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Courage Points

The minimum Courage Points for completing this adventure under normal difficulty is approximately 460 CP, while the maximum under normal difficulty is roughly 1000 CP. Under hard difficulty mode, the minimum is approximately 530 CP and the maximum is roughly 1265 CP.

Courage Point Details
Adventure Action Required
Courage Points
Destroy Phantom Web 18[1.1] 20 18[1.2] 20 5
Trap Phantom in Chomper 0 21 4[2] 34 5
Stop Pedaling Phantom 1[3.1] 2 1[3.2] 2 10[4]
Destroy Phantom Snare 0 22 0 34 5
Destroy Phantom Snare (Ambush) 0 24 0 24 5
Destroy Phantom (Ambush) 34[5.1] 52 38[5.2] 70 5
Destroy Phantom Sprouter (Ambush) 16 16 16 16 5
Destroy Phantom Spitter (Ambush) 8 8 12 12 5
Destroy Heavy Phantom (Ambush) 4 4 6 6 5
Open Treasure Chest 0 9 0 9 5
Open Animal Passage 0 2 0 2 25
Finish Adventure 1 1 1 1 50
Total Courage 460 CP 1000 CP 530 CP 1265 CP
1.1. 1.2. There are two optional Phantom Web paths when the raft reaches the first Pedaling Phantom. These can be destroyed before the Pedaling Phantom to lead the raft down a different path or destroyed after, but they are not required to continue.
2. Although most of the Phantoms can technically be avoided instead of trapping them, in hard mode there are four moving Phantoms at the first valve barrier that must be trapped in order to recover the valve handle.
3.1. 3.2. The first Pedaling Phantom can optionally be ignored by destroying the Phantom Webs to the left of it to lead the raft down a different path.
4. Destroying a Pedaling Phantom's machine displays "+5 Courage Points" but it actually rewards 10 Courage Points according to the CP meter and the network data.
5.1. 5.2. If the Phantom Sprouters are destroyed immediately, they may only spawn 1 Phantom each.


  • There is a glitch where the last Gems treasure chest will sometimes be missing.
  • The hidden treasure chest located before the polluted lake formerly rewarded 500 Gems.