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The Theater Shop is a small shop inside the Theater Lobby of the Sarepia Theater. This shop was first introduced on October 1, 2015, and sells only movie theater-themed den items that are part of the Movie Theater Collection.


This shop resembles an old-fashioned ticket booth that would normally be found at the outside entrance to a theater. There is a light yellow marquee sign at the top of the shop that would normally list the movies playing in the theater, but the writing is small and illegible. The shop has a small windowed opening in the center with red curtains that are drawn back and tied in place. On either side of the opening are shelves that hold some of the items that can be purchased in the shop.


ItemTypeGemsMembers-Only?Unavailable Since
Clapperboard 1ClapperboardDecoration500YesCurrently available
Comedy and Tragedy Masks 1Comedy And Tragedy MasksWallItem600YesCurrently available
Movie Director's Chair 1Movie Director's ChairFurniture500YesCurrently available
Movie ReelsMovie ReelsDecoration400YesCurrently available
Spilled PopcornSpilled PopcornDecoration200NoCurrently available
Theater-Shop Theater-Popcorn-Machine RedTheater Popcorn MachineDecoration650YesCurrently available
Theater Floor Lights 1Theater Floor LightsDecoration350YesCurrently available
Theater Wall Lights 1Theater Wall LightsWallItem500YesCurrently available
Theater Movie Poster 1Theater Movie PosterWallItem450YesCurrently available
Theater Chair 1Theater ChairFurniture600YesCurrently available
Movie Wall Projection 1Movie Wall ProjectionDecoration950YesCurrently available
Concession Stand 1Concessions StandFurniture700YesCurrently available


  • This is the only shop in the Jamaa lands that does not have a shop icon on the world map to visit it directly. Instead, Jammers must either travel to Sarepia Forest and walk/fly to the theater entrance, or travel to the Sarepia Theater and then take the exit that leads to the "Theater Lobby" room.