Not to be confused with the Golden Tiara.

The Tiara is a non-member land clothing item that is worn on the head. It was sold in Jam Mart Clothing and was originally released during Beta Testing. It was put on clearance on April 17, 2018, and left stores on April 27, 2018.


The Tiara appears as a fancy crown fit for a princess or a queen. The tiara is curved into a crescent shape and has swirling patterns with a diamond-shaped gemstone embedded at the top. There are eleven varieties of this item, eight of which are available in the shop, one of which was sold for Rare Item Monday, and two of which are non-rare and unavailable in shops.


  • The mobile app Play Wild has a similar Tiara item.
  • This item also has a members-only counterpart, the Golden Tiara, which is available in Epic Wonders. It looks like the non-member yellow Tiara but with a green gem instead of purple. The main yellow color used in the item is also slightly duller than the yellow in one of the Jam Mart Clothing Tiaras.
  • Some Jammers mistakenly call the non-rare varieties "not beta" because they were sold in the store for such a long time after Beta Testing ended, but this does not change the fact that they were sold during Beta Testing.
  • The Rare Tiara is the rare version of the normal tiara that was released for Rare Item Monday on April 2, 2012.
  • There are certain versions of the Tiara which are no longer sold in stores, such as the green Tiara with a purple gem - referred to by many Jammers as a "minty tiara", and the white Tiara with a red gem - often called the "milky tiara". These versions are often called "beta" by Jammers even though they were not the only versions available during Beta Testing.
  • When this is worn on a Sabertooth, the colors will appear differently than normal. The color of the gem on the tiara will cover most of the front of the tiara.
  • When a Tiger dances with this item on, the tiara will float above its head.



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