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Tic Tac Toe is a multiplayer mini-game that was first introduced on January 6, 2011. It was originally designed to be played between buddies, but was later changed so that any Jammer could play with one another. An open invitation can be started through the Games menu; this results in a pop-up above the player's head that any other Jammer can click to join. Alternatively, a player can challenge any other online player (if that player has not disabled challenges) by clicking on this game in the Games tab on Player Cards.


To play, the first player clicks the square in which they would like to put their icon, X's or O's, followed by the second player doing the same. Once one player has three of their symbol in a row (whether horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), they win the game. The winner gets 20 Gems and the loser gets 5 Gems plus the ability to rematch the winner. If the game is a tie, both Jammers get 10 Gems. Also, the person who invites to play the game gets to go first.


The achievements below apply to all buddy games in general:

Achievements Description
Bronze Gamer Bronze Gamer! Play 25 buddy games
Silver Gamer Silver Gamer! Play 50 buddy games
Gold Gamer Gold Gamer! Play 100 buddy games
Platinum Gamer Platinum Gamer! Play 250 buddy games
Winner Winner! Win 10 buddy games
Victor Victor! Win 25 buddy games
Champion Champion! Win 50 buddy games


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