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Tierney's Aquarium is a building that was introduced into Crystal Sands on March 15, 2012. Here, players can educate themselves about aquatic life by watching videos featuring Tierney Thys, a marine biologist.


On the outside, it is a tall house with windows on the sea-blue walls, a brown sand-colored entrance with blue wood, a brown ceiling, and has a palm tree at the top. There is a sign with "Tierney's Aquarium" written on it, and above it is a wooden fish.


  • Tierney's Theater - This is a theater that features videos where Dr. Tierney Thys answers Jammers' questions. It is located at the top of the stairs that curve around the aquarium.
  • Touch Pool - This is a mini-game located at the touch pool at the bottom left of the aquarium.
  • Kani Cove - There is an entrance to Kani Cove at a section of the floor that is open to the sea on the bottom right of the aquarium.
  • Videos - All around the room, there are videos about various underwater creatures and equipment.
  • Print and Play - On the right side of the aquarium there is a drawing desk where Jammers can print out activity sheets to be completed offline.
  • Open Sea Cam - Formerly, on the fish tank by the stairs, there was a logo for the Monterey Bay Aquarium that could be clicked to open a video player entitled Open Sea Cam where players could watch footage of various marine life swimming past an underwater camera. This feature was removed sometime in 2017 or 2018.


  • It is one of the few places in the game that can be entered by clicking on the building in the World Map.
  • The Open Sea Cam was advertised as/widely believed to be live feed from an underwater camera, but in reality, the footage shown was prerecorded. There were a few different prerecorded clips that would be shown, each of which was about 2 minutes long, and the clip shown when the player opened the video was random each time. Each video clip ended with the footage fading to black and the video player automatically closing.
    • The footage is likely from the real-life Open Sea Live Cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is an actual livestream of the Open Sea exhibit at the aquarium, a one-million gallon tank inhabited by various marine life with a large 90-foot window for guests to observe the animals.
  • The music in the Open Sea Cam footage is the same as the music in the rest of Tierney's Aquarium, but with no ambient noise.
  • The parrotfish in the aquarium fish tank will follow the player's cursor if the cursor moves close enough to the parrotfish.
  • There's a glitch where the player can walk onto the pool without being transported to Kani Cove.
  • There's a glitch where the player can walk on the out-of-bounds areas on the right side of the aquarium.