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Tierney's Theater is a cinema that can be found in Tierney's Aquarium. It features videos where Tierney Thys answers questions submitted by Jammers.


This cinema is decorated similar to the others with the large cinema screen in the center of the room and small tables with candle-lit lamps on the floor. The room has an ocean theme with a variety of sea decorations such as a wave pattern above and below the cinema screen, seashell lights lining the front stage, seashell bands holding the curtains back, and wooden seaweed cut-out props on either side of the room. There are also a variety of beach towels placed on the floor as seats. At the top right of the room there is a window to the aquarium where the playable fish from Eat 'Em Up (in its smallest form) can be seen swimming into view, before getting eaten by the larger hawkfish, which gets eaten by the giant emperor angelfish, which swims away before the sequence repeats.


The main attraction of this place is the cinema screen, but there is also a podium to the left of the screen that contains all of the Minibooks.


To the right of the cinema screen is the video catalog where Jammers can select a video to watch or submit a question that might be answered by Dr. Tierney Thys in the future. The following is a list of recent videos:

  • Which ocean is deepest?
  • Can any fish walk on land?
  • How is climate change affecting the ocean?
  • Do octopuses have bones?
  • Do sharks have tongues?
  • Underwater Volcanoes
  • How smart are fish?
  • Injured Sea Creatures
  • Aquarius - Aquarius Tour
  • What is a mimic octopus?
  • Aquarius - Diving Deep
  • How do sharks communicate?
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
Former cinema videos
  • Aquarius - Scuba Tools
  • Can penguins breathe underwater?
  • Do octopuses really spray ink?
  • Is seaweed alive?
  • Did sharks live with the dinosaurs?
  • Have you ever been stung by a jelly?
  • Why do fish follow big ocean animals?
  • What is a tidal zone?
  • How much do sea urchins move?
  • What is a sea cucumber?
  • How do sea stars give birth?
  • What do whales eat?
  • Are sharks mammals?
  • How strong is a great white shark's bite?
  • Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
  • Are narwhals real?
  • Could a human have an otter for a pet?
  • Red Octopus
  • What do sea snails eat?
  • Can sea snakes come on land?
  • How many species of sharks are there?
  • Do sharks need to constantly swim?
  • Are sea slugs underwater worms?
  • Do sharks have good eyesight?
  • How small are plankton?
  • Is there such thing as a spookfish?
  • Are sting rays dangerous?
  • What are Stonefish?
  • Limpet Time-lapse
  • Do whales migrate?
  • Is there such thing as a walking shark?
  • What is a conch?
  • Do Fish Drink Water?
  • How did harp seals get their name?
  • Getting over fear of sharks
  • What is a baby dolphin called?
  • Have you ever been to Antarctica?
  • Buoys!
  • Do all fish have two eyes?
  • Can you hear the ocean in a shell?
  • What is a horseshoe crab?
  • How much water is in the ocean?
  • Antarctic Fish
  • What do manatees eat?
  • Have you ever found any sunken treasure?
  • Why is a shark's skin rough?
  • Are orcas actually dolphins?
  • Have you ever seen a gulper eel?
  • Have all fish species been discovered?
  • Cleaner Fish
  • Do swordfish fight with their swords?
  • How big are blue whales hearts?
  • Why do crabs move sideways?
  • What is an exoskeleton?
  • Are sea anemones animals?
  • Are sea horses herbivores like real horses?
  • Is there such thing as a sea spider?
  • Slimy Hagfish
  • Ocean Acidification
  • Is seaweed the only ocean plant?
  • Do you ever get scared in the ocean?
  • Do squid lay eggs?
  • Multicolored Goldfish
  • Do all fish have gills?
  • Do any animals live in shipwrecks?
  • Are Humans related to dolphins?
  • Are sea otters really playful?
  • How big can manta rays get?
  • What is sea glass? How is it made?
  • Dolphin Clicks
  • How big can sea stars get?
  • How deep can whales swim?
  • Are any penguins endangered?
  • How old can sea turtles live?