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Tiki Trouble is a seasonal adventure that takes place on tropical islands like Tahiti and Samoa. It was introduced on July 20, 2017. It can be played by all Jammers. It left the Parties tab on September 28, 2017, and was replaced by the next seasonal adventure, Bitter Sweets. It returned on August 2, 2018, but left on September 27, 2018. It returned for the third time on August 8, 2019, and for the fourth time on August 13, 2020.


First, the player must talk to Tavie. She tells them to retrieve all three pearls held by the tikis (Kapena Tiki Statue, Momi Tiki Statue, and Koa Tiki Statue). In order to receive the pearls, the player needs to run a few errands before the tikis are willing to give up their pearls. The errands consist of bringing a certain item, either a coin, fish, or crystal, to the tikis, followed by three random fruits, either a banana, pineapple, or coconut.

  • The player must then return the pearls to Tavie, and every pearl returned unlocks a prize.

Kapena Tiki Statue

  • The player needs to find a coin in the shallow waters surrounding the island, which are the light blue waters.
  • Once the player has arrived in shallow waters, they must rummage around the site to find a Holdable Icon. The items obtainable are random and consist of seashells and, in rare cases, coins. When a coin is found, the user must return to the Kapena Tiki Statue and he will ask for three random fruits. Afterward, the user will receive a pearl. (Keep in mind there are a few places the coin could be)

Momi Tiki Statue

  • The player will need to grab a fish to run its errands. They can get a dark purple, three-eyed, phantom-like fish from going to the docks scattered around the map, clicking the paw icons, and waiting a short while. It still depends on the player's luck since in the net, the player can obtain tin cans and boots that allow the player to receive Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets as well.
  • After getting a fish, the player must go back to the Momi Tiki Statue and he will also ask for three random fruits. The player receives a pearl after this. (There are 3 fishing docks)

Koa Tiki Statue

  • The player will need to give it a colorful crystal that can be mined from the little, grey, spiky crystals scattered around the island.
  • They must then break open the crystals by clicking them until they burst open. Usually, there will be a fossil; however, on some occasions, a colorful blue crystal will appear.
  • After the player has a crystal, they must return to the Koa Tiki Statue, who also asks for three random fruits. The player will then receive a pearl after completing the errands.


There are NPCs scattered around the map, many of which are named Trader. The player can give the Traders any useless items they find: cans while fishing, seashells while wading, and fossils while mining. Upon handing in each item, the trader will thank them and give them 25 gems in return.

Tavie's Rewards

Tavie rewards different items depending on how many Pearls have been collected.

First Pearl

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Pet-tiki-hut.PNG Pet Tiki Hut Seashell Collection.png Seashell Collection
SeashellChime.png Seashell Wind Chime
Tiki-Trouble First-Pearl Coconut-Drink-Tray.png Coconut Drink Tray

Second Pearl

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Tiki-Trouble Second-pearl Tavies-Guitar.png Tavie's Guitar
Random clothing items

Third Pearl

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Tiki-Trouble Third-Pearl Momi-Tiki-Statue.png Momi Tiki Statue
Random clothing items
Tiki-Trouble Third-Pearl Koa-Tiki-Statue.png Koa Tiki Statue
Tiki-Trouble Third-Pearl Kapena-Tiki-Statue.png Kapena Tiki Statue

Animal Passage

There is only one passage in this adventure and it can only be opened by an Arctic Wolf. The following are some of the possible prizes found in this passage:

List of Available Prizes
Items Members-Only?
Tiki Trouble - Palm Tree.png Palm Tree No
Tiki-Trouble Arctic-Wolf Mangrove-Tree.png Mangrove Tree No
Tiki-Trouble Arctic-Wolf Pineapple-Plant.png Pineapple Plant No

Other Prizes

Hidden at random wading, fishing, and mining points are additional prizes:

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Wading Treasures
Tiki-Trouble Wading Giant-Sea-Shell.png Giant Sea Shell
Mining Treasures
Tiki-Trouble Mining Gold-Brick.png Gold Brick
Fishing Treasures
Tiki-Trouble Fishing Diamond-Encrusted-Gauntlets.png Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets

There are also regular treasures spread around the level. Two are in areas only accessible to flying animals, and three more are available to land animals.

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Flying animal only Treasures
50 Gems
150 Gems
250 Gems
Random clothing items
All animal Treasures
50 Gems
150 Gems
250 Gems
Tiki-Trouble Wading Octopus-Archway.png Octopus Archway


  • The gameplay of this adventure, finding specific items within a limited time, is similar to that of The Forgotten Desert.
  • There is a glitch where the player will get only jewels from the rocks. The player must reload to fix this.
  • When playing with a flying animal, there is a glitch where the map will not show the player's position correctly.
  • Other items can be picked up without warning when carrying the coin, fish, or crystal. When this happens, the player must search for the coin, fish, or crystal again. Once one of these items have been found, they can easily be found until one is delivered to its tiki.
  • There is also a small chance of having a glitch occur while getting the jewel for the Koa Tiki Statue, in which mining every single rock does not result in a jewel to be found.
  • When a player goes through the Arctic Wolf passage, the music changes from the upbeat music that plays in the adventure to a more slow, quieter version of the same song. When the player exits that passage, the music returns to its normal, upbeat song.
  • There is a glitch where if the player moves immediately after the adventure loads and before Tavie's dialogue appears, the adventure timer will not start and it will be impossible to talk with Tavie again to deliver any pearls.
  • When a player is fishing there is a chance that a boot will appear on the net. If the player clicks on the boot they will get Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets.
  • There is a glitch where the timer will not start and the player will not be able to do anything or exit the adventure. The avatar will drift to the side of the screen until it disappears. The player will need to reload to fix it.
  • There is a glitch where the timer will not appear and the player will not be able to talk to Tavie but will be able to talk to any other entity. The player will need to reload to fix it.
    • There is a similar glitch where the timer does start, but the player can interact with everything but Tavie.
  • There is a glitch with the rocks where the player cannot break them.
  • A glitch exists where when holding the coin and clicking on a holdable icon for shells, another coin will float on the water, when clicked the item will be replaced with another coin.
    • This occurs with the fish and jewel as well. They will keep spawning until you deliver it to the tiki.
  • There is a glitch where you deliver the pearl to Tavie, but she says the dialogue without giving the prize. The player will need to talk to her again to fix this.
    • Sometimes, the player will still not receive the prize if there are multiple players.


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