Not to be confused with the Fancy Top Hat, Spiked Top Hat, Rare Friendship Hat, Freedom Hat, Founders' Hat, Rainbow Top Hat, or Classic Top Hat.

The Top Hat is a members-only land clothing item that is worn on the head. It was first released on June 15, 2010, at Jam Mart Clothing, but it later went on clearance soon after Beta Testing ended. It returned for a short period on January 17, 2013, in the Canyons Pathway "Hat Shop" during the Hatapalooza event. It was released for its third time on May 4, 2017, as part of another short Hatapalooza event.


The Top Hat is a tall striped hat, with a wide, round brim. The crown of the hat is narrow near the brim and flares out wider as it goes towards the flat top. Band circles around the narrow base and four round buttons stick out around the top edge of the hat. This item has eight original colors and four rare variants for a total of twelve color varieties.


  • There is a somewhat similar item that can be found in Animal Jam - Play Wild! with the same name.
  • During Beta Testing, there were additional colors available that were removed from stores such as the green color and the gray color variants.
  • This item has three Rare Item Monday versions.
  • The Rare Top Hat is not actually a Rare Item Monday release; it was first released on February 27, 2012, at the Leap Year Party and, was re-released on January 26, 2013, for Hatapalooza.
  • There are other versions of the Top Hat that have different names and were released for different reasons.
  • Many other items have a similar style to the Top Hat such as the Gingerbread Top Hat and the Rainbow Top Hat.
  • Despite their similar names, the Fancy Top Hat looks very different from this item, being much smaller and more curved around the edges.
  • This item can be bought in Play Wild (Game) and AJ Jump.
  • When it returned for the May 2017 Hatapalooza, it was put on sale for 50% off (75 Gems).
  • This item appears to be displayed outside of Jam Mart Clothing, despite it not currently being sold there.
  • A non-existent blue and red variety appeared in the Animal Jam short movie for the Arctic Fox.

Prize Availability

Random Prize Availability
LocationChestTop HatRare Jamaaliday Top Hat
The Forgotten DesertGreen ChestYesNo
The Forgotten DesertOrange ChestYesYes
The Forgotten DesertBlue ChestYesYes
The Forgotten DesertWhite ChestYesYes
The Forgotten DesertPurple ChestNoYes
The Forgotten DesertGround ChestsNoYes
Lucky CloversEpic ChestNoYes
Tiki TroubleThird Pearl ChestNoYes
Tiki TroubleFlying Animal Ground ChestsNoYes



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