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The Toucan is a members-only land and flying animal.


The Toucan appears as a small, dark-purple bird with orange-tipped feathers on its wings, orange feet with three toes at the front and 1 at the back, and a long red and orange beak. It has a crest of three feathers sticking out from the back of the head. Its face and underbelly is white. It has full black slanted eyes.


Action Description
It becomes rather flat on the ground.
Flapping up high, the toucan does a corkscrew before gliding to the ground with a "jazz hands" pose.
Its head dips down, touching its chest as if it were a real-life bird.
It starts out with little jumps, eventually performing a higher one.
Taking out a green apple, it plays fetch with itself, gliding high and circling around in the air.


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  • There was a hint for this animal in Jamaa Journal Volume 184.
  • The toucan stars in an Animal Jam animation called "Masterpiece".
  • It is approximately the same size as the Bunny.
  • It is the fifth bird to be released, after Penguins, Eagles, Owls, and Falcons.
  • It is the fourth flying animal, after Eagle, Owl, and Falcon.
  • Due to the small size of the Toucan, when it is wearing a leg item, it is very difficult to tell it's even there.
  • It has a plushie counterpart, the Toucan Plushie, Giant Toucan Plushie, and Exclusive Toucan Plushie.
  • When wearing a Shark Tail, the item will appear black in the preview.


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