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Touch Pool is a single-player mini-game accessable in Tierney's Aquarium. Since January 20, 2018, it is qualified as a game, and if the player click the game icon at the top of the screen, it will be on the fifth row. It was introduced on March 15, 2012.


In the Touch Pool, the goal is to pet as many of the creatures as possible, which causes the creatures to burst into gems, while earning prizes along the way. The player controls a paw using their mouse; when hovered over an animal, a small, circular timer appears, filling up with green after a few seconds. Once the timer is full, the animal disappears, leaving Gems behind; the Gems will vanish after a few seconds, so the player must collect them immediately before that happens. However, if the player maneuvers the paw too quickly, ripples will appear in the water, causing certain animals depending on which one (except for the sea urchins, sea slugs, and sea stars) to either swim away or burrow into the sand. The player usually will be most successful if they make gentle, slow movements. When the mouse is on an animal, the note C plays on a clarinet.

There are five varieties of each creature found in the Touch Pool. For each new variety that the player touches successfully, a fact about that particular animal will pop up to be added to the Touch Pool Log. After collecting all five stamps representing the facts for a particular creature, the player is rewarded with a plushie version of that animal.


The player is awarded Gems for every creature that they touch for the length of the timer: 3 Gems for Sea Stars and Sea Urchins, 4 or 5 Gems for Sea Slugs and Hermit Crabs, and 7 Gems for Rays and Horseshoe Crabs. The player may also obtain exclusive plushies prizes by filling the Touch Pool Log for each creature. These plushies can only be won by playing this game and they can only be won once for each Jammer. The available plushie prizes are:


There are five possible achievements that the player could earn for playing Touch Pool:

Achievements Description
Critter Finder!.png Critter Finder! Find 1 of each creature in the Touch Pool
Magic Touch!.png Magic Touch! Find 100 total creatures in the Touch Pool
Golden Touch!.png Golden Touch! Find 250 total creatures in the Touch Pool
Catch Some Rays!.png Catch Some Rays! Find 10 rays in a row in one game of Touch Pool
Creature Seeker!.png Creature Seeker! Find every variety of creature in the Touch Pool


  • There is a limit to how many creatures appear in the Touch Pool at any one time. As a result, it is often necessary to pet other creatures, even if they have already been touched already, in order to get new creatures to appear.
  • The creatures in the Touch Pool are based on specific species of real life creatures.


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