Toys are non-member land den items that appear as figurines of various Animals and Phantoms. They were first introduced on February 2, 2012, and they can be won from Phantom Invasion. There are 5 different collections that follow specific themes with 17 figurines in each collection for a total of 85 toys.


The toys are based off of Phantoms and animal avatars such as the Bunny, Crocodile, Deer, Elephant, Fox, Giraffe, Horse, Koala, Monkey, Panda, Penguin, Raccoon, Rhinoceros, Seal, Tiger and Wolf. Most of the toys have a rounded base that the toy stands on with the exception of the Phantom toys, which have a star-shaped base. The toys come in groups, or collections, that match certain themes; each group has its own color of base for all of its toys with the exception of the special "rare" toys, which have a golden base regardless of the theme. Also, each animal has a specific pose custom to it's species.


Phantom-Invasion Bunny-Toy Animal Bunny Toy
Crocodile Toy (animal) Crocodile Toy
Deer Toy (animal) Deer Toy
Elephant Toy (animal) Elephant Toy
Phantom-Invasion Fox-Toy Animal Fox Toy
Giraffe Toy (animal) Giraffe Toy
Horse Toy (animal) Horse Toy
Koala Toy (animal) Koala Toy
Monkey Toy (animal) Monkey Toy
Phantom-Invasion Panda-Toy Animal Panda Toy
Phantom-Invasion Penguin-Toy Animal Penguin Toy
Phantom Toy plain Phantom Toy
Phantom-Invasion Raccoon-Toy Animal Raccoon Toy
Rhino Toy (animal) Rhino Toy
Phantom-Invasion Seal-Toy Animal Seal Toy
Tiger Toy (animal) Tiger Toy
Wolf Toy (animal) Wolf Toy



The 'Animal' Collection Toys have a grey base with the exception of the "rare" Penguin Toy. They have no accessories and come in similar colors to its counterpart animal.

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The 'BFF' Collection Toys have a pink base with the exception of the "rare" Rhino Toy. They wear some form of dress, most seem to look like Disney Princesses.

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The 'Job' Collection Toys have a blue base with the exception of the "rare" Koala Toy. They wear some form of working attire suitable to their 'job'.

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The 'Soccer' Collection Toys have a green base with the exception of the "rare" Tiger Toy. They wear a soccer kit and are accompanied by a soccer ball with the exception of the Phantom Toy, which holds a red card.

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The 'Tuxedo' Collection Toys have a maroon base with the exception of the "rare" Bunny Toy. They wear a tuxedo suit.

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  • Each toy can be recycled for 30 Gems.
  • Other than the phantom, all of the toys represent the first twelve animals to be introduced into the game.


Gold-Based Animal Figure

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Phantom Version

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