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Turning The Tide is the third underwater Adventure. The normal mode was introduced on August 7, 2014, and its hard mode was released on August 21, 2014. It was originally only playable by members, but on January 18, 2018, this adventure became available for all Jammers. The main goal in this adventure is to rescue Tavie, the Dolphin Alpha.


  • The player will first meet Graham on shore. He explains that the phantoms captured Tavie and locked her up even tighter and that she could not swim away fast enough, as she was born without a tail fin. She had asked Graham to make her a replacement and he gave it to one of the captains of the Bottlenose Brigade to deliver it to her, but he had not heard from them since the rescue mission. He then sends the player off on their journey and warps away.
  • First, the player needs to trap a phantom in a chomper clam to get a valve which allows access to the whirlpearls. Then, the player uses one whirlpearl to destroy a phantom fan. The player spawns in an area with roman-structured buildings and then sees one with a giant phantom lock. Destroying the last phantoms leads a key.
  • Upon using the key, the player enters an area with more phantoms. After defeating all the phantoms, the player will find a phantom lock as well as a dolphin named Admiral Venicia who says that her battalion was separated from her during the phantom ambush and asks the player to help her find them.
  • After exploring the area and finding the three valves, the player can get rid of the blockade near Admiral Venicia. Beyond the blockade, there will be golden keys, named Skeleton Keys. The player uses the Skeleton Key to unlock the phantom lock.
  • Then the player spawns in a new area and meets a Bottlenose Soldier, who explains that the rest of the Bottlenose Brigade is trapped up ahead. The player uses the Skeleton Key again to free all the other Bottlenose Soldiers in the area.
  • After all of them are unlocked, the player will come to a locked phantom door. The Bottlenose Captain orders the soldiers to use whirlpearls to open the Phantom door, but the player does not need to use any of their whirlpearls. After the door breaks, the player should move onto the next area and the process repeats until the player gets to the last door.
  • In the last area, the player will be given Tavie's tail fin by the captain in light brown armor upon unlocking the last dolphin. After breaking down the last door, the player comes into an area with a big phantom bubble that has Tavie trapped inside. Tavie tells the player that there are Aqua Crystals trapped in the boulders surrounding the area. The boulders can be broken with whirlpearls and they will either drop nothing or an Aqua Crystal. The placement of the crystals in the boulders changes each time the player plays. Upon getting all three crystals, the player can unlock the phantom bubble and Tavie will be set free. She uses her magic to destroy the rock wall and create a tide to lead the player up to the portal. There, all of the alphas will be up on shore. They talk about how worried they were when they found out Tavie was captured.
  • Greely asked Tavie if she learned any phantom plans while she was captured. Liza suggests Tavie needed a quiet rest to regain her strength. The adventure ends, and the alphas continue to talk amongst themselves as the player exits the portal.



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Otters-Only (Hard Mode)

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Otter's Passage location

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Otter's passage.PNG


Normal Mode

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Treasure Chests Items
Top Left Phantom-Fan Prize.png Phantom Fan
Top Middle Bottlenose-Brigade-Statue Prize.png Bottlenose Brigade Statue
Top Right Dolphin-Statue Prize.png Dolphin Statue
Bottom Left Trident-Pot Prize.png Trident Pot
Bottom Right Gems.png 1250 Gems

Hard Mode

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Treasure Chests Items
Top Left Brigade Helmet (purple, yellow).png Brigade Helmet
Top Middle Gems.png 1250 Gems
Top Right Brigade-Trident Prize.png Brigade Trident
Bottom Left Brigade-Armor Prize.png Brigade Armor
Bottom Right Brigade Fin Armor (purple, yellow).png Brigade Fin Armor


  • This is the third underwater adventure.
  • This is the second time that in an adventure, all previously seen alphas appeared.
  • This adventure first introduced the Phantom Fan, which blocks currents like the Phantom Sprouters which blocked paths in Meet Cosmo.
  • The Brigade Armor that can be won in hard mode has 4 color schemes, however, the Brigade Trident only comes in yellow.
  • This is the first and so far only adventure featuring the Bottlenose Brigade.
  • The Dolphin Passage was originally a Penguin Passage, but it was changed to a Dolphin Passage when the adventure became accessible to non-members so that the non-members would not be able to access the passage.
  • There was a glitch where players could not see Graham’s face on the dialogue.
  • Sometimes after unlocking the cage of a dolphin, the dolphin will swim left and right, not advancing towards the gate.
  • When the player is finding the three valves to obtain the Skeleton Key, the NPC Admiral Venicia explains that one of her captains was carrying Tavie's special tail fin, and hopes that the phantoms did not take it from "him." Later, the captain carrying the tail fin is revealed to be female.


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