The Turquoise Ring is a non-member land clothing item that is worn on the leg. It can be bought at Epic Wonders and was released on September 6, 2013.


The Turquoise Ring is a metallic band with patterns on it. Attached to the top of this band is a circular, turquoise-colored gem with a lighter blue center. This item comes in ten different color varieties, two of which are no longer sold in stores.


  • When the item was initially released, there were only two colors available. After an update from AJHQ, both of these colors were removed, and eight new colors were added in their place. Both of the original colors have dark highlights on the ring itself whereas all of the new colors have light highlights. Also, the second variant of the original color has a dark spot on the center of the gem instead of the light shine that all the other versions have.
  • On January 10th 2019, The original default was given out in a AJHQ Live stream.
  • The original colors are often called "glitched" by Jammers.
  • This item can be won in The Forgotten Desert.



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