The Vanity And Mirror is a members-only den item. It was first released sometime during Beta Testing, but it later went on clearance in 2012. It returned to Jam Mart Furniture for a second release on March 24, 2015, but it was removed from stores on August 3, 2016. It returned again on February 19, 2017. It was put on Clearance on February 24, 2018, and left stores on March 6, 2018.


The Vanity And Mirror consists of a wooden structure with a flat surface, mirror, and two drawers, one above the other. On the top, is dark blue vase with a white stripe on its neck containing yellow and white flowers, and a light green purse. This item comes in only one variety.


  • There is a stone counterpart to this wooden item called the Stone Vanity. Both items share the same overall shape and structure, but they are very different when it comes down to fine detail.
  • The Vanity And Mirror can be won in The Forgotten Desert.
  • A counterpart of this version can be found in Play Wild, and it is named "Vanity Mirror".


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