Not to be confused with the Spring Viking Hat.

The Viking Hat is a members-only land clothing item worn on the head. It was originally released in Jam Mart Clothing during Beta Testing. They were re-released for Rare Item Monday on March 12, 2012.


The Viking Hat appears as a short helmet with a set of large and small horns shooting out of either side. The horn on top is shorter, while the one on the bottom is longer. The horns curve similar to a bull's horns and are a different color at the tips. The helmet has a coloured band on it, with three visible bumps. This item comes in eight different color varieties.


  • The mobile app Play Wild has a similar Viking Hat item.
  • This item is often mistakenly called the "Viking Helmet" by Jammers instead of its actual name.
  • When it returned for Rare Item Monday, it was given a golden rare tag.
  • When worn on an owl, the top set of horns are invisible.
  • They can be won from the Daily Spin.
  • Despite its name, historians believe that Vikings never wore horned helmets like these.



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