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The Welcome Party is a special party that New Jammers were taken to after they completed the tutorial. This party cannot be accessed from the regular Parties menu. It was first introduced in November 2016. It was later removed on March 30, 2017, so New Jammers will now go straight to their den.


This party is based on the Jam Session party. It has the same stage with instruments and a similar background. The primary difference is that the right side of the party has a path that leads out to Jamaa Township. The bunny alpha, Peck, stands near the path to help guide New Jammers.


Just like the Jam Session party, the stage in this party is interactive and changes when more Jammers dance on it: first the stage's lights start changing colors, then the strobe lights at the top start moving, and finally the lights in front of the stage will burst into flames and the curtains in the back of the stage will light up with laser artwork of animals. The stage also includes interactive instruments that make noise when clicked. On the left of the stage is the Clothing Shop, a small shop that sells non-member clothing items.


  • The Jammer Wall, Jamaa Journal, Journey Book, Parties, and Games buttons are all unavailable to the New Jammers in this party.
  • Other Jammers can access this party if the New Jammer buddies them, which will then allow the other player to follow the New Jammer to the party.
    • If a flying animal tries to follow a buddy, they cannot go and will receive the popup stating "You must be a land animal to go on this Adventure."
  • When following a Jammer to this party, the screen briefly flashes a message saying "You can't join this adventure!"
  • The shop in this party is the same one that was part of The Blue Heron.
  • Jammers cannot play other games with each other using their Player Cards because none of the Buddy Games work in this party. If a regular Jammer tries to start a Buddy Game invite, their game will grey-out portions of the user interface as if they started the invite, but no invite will appear.
  • If a regular Jammer follows a buddy into this party, they can use their Games menu to invite New Jammer to play either Fruit Slinger, Gem Breaker, Spider Zapper, or Wind Rider. However, once the game ends, the players will be stuck in a never-ending loading screen until they reload the game.
  • When any player uses the World Map inside this party, it will be missing the buttons for Adventures, Epic Dens, and the map icons.


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