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The WildWorks Mascot Plushie is a members-only den item. It was released at Epic Wonders on August 2, 2021, for Rare Item Monday. It was re-released at Epic Wonders on August 9, 2021, for the subsequent Rare Item Monday.


The WildWorks Mascot Plushie appears to be an exact copy of Blinky, the WildWorks mascot, as a plushie. It is a reddish-orange colored monster with horns, a striped tail and one eye. This item comes in only one variety.


  • While this item was for sale during its Rare Item Monday debut, it did not seem to have an appearance at all. Previews featured a never-ending spinning loading circle, and when placed in a den, it appeared invisible and could not be rotated or moved around. The reason for this is unknown. This was soon fixed to show the item after a few hours.
  • Although being a Rare Item Monday, the item does not have "Rare" in its name.
  • This is the only Rare Item Monday item to be released in shops twice during 2021.
    • It was likely re-released due to its buggy appearance upon initial release and the subsequent confusion it caused.
    • On its second release, this item was released alongside another Rare Item Monday item, the Rare Summer Flag.