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This article is about the game. For the item, see Wind Rider (Item).

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Wind Rider is a single-player and multiplayer mini-game that can be found in Sarepia Forest and the Sol Arcade. It can also be played in dens using the den version of the game. Wind Rider was released at the beginning of the Beta Testing.


In this mini-game, players must parachute down to the ground using their arrow keys to maneuver, collecting Gems and avoiding Phantoms. If the player touches a phantom, they will lose three gems, and if the player reaches the bottom without touching a single phantom, they will receive a bonus of fifty Gems.


There are six achievements that can be earned by playing Wind Rider:

Achievements Description
Stratus!.png Stratus! Play Wind Rider 10 times
Nimbus!.png Nimbus! Play Wind Rider 20 times
Cumulus!.png Cumulus! Play Wind Rider 35 times
Cirrus!.png Cirrus! Play Wind Rider 50 times
Cloud Commander!.png Cloud Commander! Earn the treasure in Wind Rider
Team Rider!.png Team Rider! Complete 10 multiplayer games of Wind Rider


  • Any clothing that is worn on the animal will not appear in the game. The same also happens in Sky High.
  • There is a mini-game based off of this in The Great Escape, with more Phantoms and more Gems. Because The Great Escape is an adventure, it is limited to four people and not two.
  • Foxes appear larger than any other animal in this game.
  • Originally, this game included other obstacles along with the Phantoms such as clouds, tree branches, and gusts of wind; however, these were all replaced with more Phantoms shortly after Beta Testing ended.
  • There is a glitch with the Direwolf where it causes the eyes to not appear on the animal during the game.
  • Sky High is the opposite of Wind Rider.
  • In Beta Testing, if the player landed on an obstacle, they would get a popup asking if they wanted to leave the game or not.


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