Not to be confused with the Freedom Wings, Rare Scary Bat Wings, Golden Wings, Epic Dragon Wings, Rare Friendship Wings, Classic Wings, or the Luminous Wings.

The Wings are a members-only land clothing item worn on the back. It was released during Beta Testing and is sold at Jam Mart Clothing.


The Wings appear to be a set of bat-like or dragon-like wings. Each wing has three flaps along the bottom with spines running down between them and the top of each wing has a sharp claw. There are eleven different color variations, including three Rare variants.

Unreleased Variants

There is one unreleased variant of this item. It was first seen when land Best Dressed was released but was taken out of the mini-game shortly after its release.


  • There was also a "beta" gray coloration of the Wings, but it was removed very early during the Beta Stage.
  • There is a Freedom Day counterpart for non-members, the Freedom Wings.
  • There is a Night of the Phantoms counterpart for non-members, the Rare Scary Bat Wings.
    • The black wings look very similar to the Scary Bat Wings; the difference is that the orange is more vibrant in the Scary Bat Wings.
  • There is a Friendship Festival counterpart called the Rare Friendship Wings.
  • There are many other items that are based on this, such as the Golden Wings and the Epic Dragon Wings.
  • The Rare Wings were released at the Leap Year Party during February 2012. Despite being named "Rare", they initially did not include a rare tag; the golden Rare tag was added later in 2012.
  • This item animates on the Arctic Fox and Sabertooth. Other kinds of wings, like the Angel Wings, also animate on these animals.
  • The Rare Jamaaliday Wings are a Jamaalidays-themed variant that was released in Jam Mart Clothing for Rare Item Monday on December 16, 2013.
  • When this item is worn by a Cheetah along with the Gazelle Horns, the horns will show in front of the wings when the Cheetah faces to the back.
  • Another Rare Item Monday variant was released on September 7, 2020, which was named the Rare Fall Wings.
    • This variant looks similar to the unreleased variant.

Prize Availability

Random Prize Availability
The Forgotten DesertGreen ChestYes
The Forgotten DesertOrange ChestYes
The Forgotten DesertBlue ChestYes
The Forgotten DesertWhite ChestYes



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