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The Winter Fun Bundle is a members-only Bundle. It was released in the Diamond Shop for thirty Diamonds on December 3, 2020. The bundle comes with an Arctic Fox, a Pet Snow Leopard, the Winter Palace den, and numerous den and clothing items.


The clothing items seem to be based on the winter season. The den items are miniature variants of places in Jamaa.


Clothing Items

Name Type
DeepFreezeCrownPromo.PNG Deep Freeze Crown 1Head.png
IceCrystalAmuletPromo.PNG Ice Crystal Amulet 2Neck.png
DeepFreezeGauntletsPromo.PNG Deep Freeze Gauntlets 4Legs.png
DeepFreezeSwordPromo.PNG Deep Freeze Sword 3Body.png
DeepFreezeTailArmorPromo.PNG Deep Freeze Tail Armor 5Tail.png

Den Items

MiniatureAlphaHeadquartersPromo.PNG Miniature Alpha Headquarters
MiniatureJamMartPromo.PNG Miniature Jam Mart
MiniatureDiamondShopPromo.PNG Miniature Diamond Shop
MiniaturePillowRoomPromo.PNG Miniature Pillow Room
MiniatureSolArcadePromo.PNG Miniature Sol Arcade
MiniatureTempleoftheAncientsPromo.PNG Miniature Temple of the Ancients
MiniatureClaws'NPawsPromo.PNG Miniature Claws 'N Paws
MiniatureHotCocoaHutPromo.PNG Miniature Hot Cocoa Hut
MiniatureAnimalHospitalPromo.PNG Miniature Animal Hospital
MiniatureTempleofZiosPromo.PNG Miniature Temple of Zios
MiniatureJuiceHutPromo.PNG Miniature Juice Hut
MiniatureHolidayTreePromo.PNG Miniature Holiday Tree