The Winter Gala Bundle is a bundle obtainable from purchasing a membership on the Animal Jam website during December 2019. The bundle comes with numerous ice styled den items, the Royal Winter Outfit, the Enchanted Winter Outfit, the Polar Arctic Fox, a Pet Arctic Wolf, and the Regal Winter Palace.


The bundle is themed around winter, with many of the den items winter-related, and with winter color schemes.


Royal Winter Outfit

Name Type Members-Only?
SnowflakeCirclet Snowflake Circlet 1Head Yes
SnowRuff Snow Ruff 2Neck Yes
SnowSuit Snow Suit 3Body Yes
FrostyPaws Frosty Paws 4Legs Yes
SnowdriftTail Snowdrift Tail 5Tail Yes

Enchanted Winter Outfit

Name Type Members-Only?
FrostTiara Frost Tiara 1Head Yes
FrostCollar Frost Collar 2Neck Yes
RoyalSnowCoat Royal Snow Coat 3Body Yes
IcePaws Ice Paws 4Legs Yes
ErmineTail Ermine Tail 5Tail Yes

Den Items

Name Members-Only?
WolfIceGuardian Wolf Ice Guardian Yes
IcyWillow Icy Willow Yes
FloorSnowflakes Floor Snowflakes Yes
TwirlingSnowflakes Twirling Snowflakes Yes
IcyFountain Icy Fountain Yes
StraightStringLighrs Straight String Lights Yes
FrozenBouquet Frozen Bouquet Yes
FrozenRose Frozen Rose Yes
IcyThrone Icy Throne Yes
IcyChair Icy Chair Yes
IcyTable Icy Table Yes


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