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The Witch Boots are a members-only land clothing item that can be worn on the legs.


Each boot appears as a high-heeled shoe with a pointed toe and colorful laces that run from the toe all the way up the front to the top. The back heel portion features a small, colorful swirled design. This item comes in eight different color varieties, all of which are mostly black except for one white version.


The Witch Boots was initially released on October 1, 2015, in the Spooky Shop and returns annually during the Night of the Phantoms. It was most recently released on September 28, 2023, in the Spooky Shop and left on November 2, 2023.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Spooky ShopOctober 1, 2015Unknown
Spooky ShopOctober 13, 2016Unknown
Spooky ShopOctober 12, 2017Unknown
Spooky ShopOctober 11, 2018Unknown
Spooky ShopOctober 2019Unknown
Spooky ShopOctober 2020Unknown
Spooky ShopOctober 2021Unknown
Spooky ShopOctober 2022Unknown
Spooky ShopSeptember 28, 2023November 2, 2023


  • This seems to be part of a witch costume that also includes the Witch's Broom and the Scary Witch Hat. The Witch's Gown also comes with the set but is not able to wear at the same time as the Witch's Broom.