The Wolf Plushie is a non-member den item and one of many plushies. It was released sometime before March 2011 and it can be won as a prize from The Claw mini-game, as well as The Wolf Claw.


This is a small plushie that is based on the Wolf. The plushie's head has a long nose, wide cheeks, and black eyes. The plushie is lying flat on the ground at an angle. Three of this item's variants have special accessories such as a rooster hat, an antennae headband, and a lightning stripe. This item has ten different varieties.


  • The mobile app Play Wild has a similar Wolf Plushie item.
  • This item initially had only one version (the blue variant), but additional colors were added in July 2011.
  • This item has two much larger counterparts, the Giant Wolf Plushie and the Black Giant Wolf Plushie.
  • The plushie variants with accessories were called "RARE" in the Jamaa Journal, but they do not have a golden "rare" tag.