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Not to be confused with the World Oceans Day Wild Weekend sale.

The World Oceans Bundle is a bundle obtained when purchasing a membership from the Animal Jam website during the month of June in 2019. This bundle comes with five different underwater animals, a Otter, Polar Bear, Shark , Octopus, and Dolphin, and their pet counterparts excluding the otter, along with the Pet Anglerfish, and Pet Jellyfish. It also includes the Sandcastle Den, Water Park Den, and Lost Ruins Den as well as numerous den items based off of the ocean.


The bundle contains ocean-themed items; the items are usually green-blue due to being underwater-themed with bits of sand, as well as plant life or animals stuck on the items.

List of Items

Note: all items are members-only.

Ocean Floor Tile 1.PNG Ocean Floor Tile
Waterlogged Boot 1.PNG Waterlogged Boot
Waterlogged Painting 1.PNG Waterlogged Painting
Starfish Wall Art-0.PNG Starfish Wall Art
Sandy treasure chest.PNG Sandy Treasure Chest
Coral Table 1.PNG Coral Table
CoralChair1.png Coral Chair
Seaweed Canopy-0.PNG Seaweed Canopy
WallBarnacles.png Wall Barnacles
Seaweed Streamer-0.PNG Seaweed Streamer
SunkenCompass.png Sunken Compass