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The Worn Spiked Collar is a non-member land clothing item that is worn on the neck. It was released on June 22, 2017, and was sold at the Diamond Shop as part of the Wild Weekend Spike Sale at the price of 3 diamonds and only available for 4 days.


The Worn Spiked Collar is a thick, old-looking collar that has cracks in it. The collar is surrounded by spikes, some of which are cracked, chipped, or missing altogether. The collar is two-tone with half in one color and the other half in another color. There are eight different color varieties for this item.


  • It is the first non-member item to be based on the Spiked Collar.
  • It has a leg counterpart, the Worn Spiked Wristband.
  • Unlike the Rare Spiked Collar it is based on, this item does no extra damage when worn in the Adventures.
  • This was the first spiked item to have a two-toned collar, with one half of the collar being one color, and the other half in a different color.
  • The Tattered Spiked Collar appears very similar to this item.