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Not to be confused with yardGarden.

yardCastleGarden is the abbreviated name for an unreleased, unnamed non-member flooring exclusive to the Castle.


yardCastleGarden changes the environment of the den into that of a garden. The entrance path of the normal den is changed to a fancy, pink, circular stone path and the gray, stone wall is changed to resemble the path. An assortment of lush, colorful plants surrounds the path and the wall. The animations for the moat and the waterfall are removed and lilypads are placed in the water on the sides the drawbridge.


  • Unlike most flooring, this item is specific to only one den and does not modify the actual floor of the den, instead modifying the surrounding environment.
  • This looks similar to yardGarden.
  • This looks similar to the Spring Small House Den and the Lucky Party.
  • This item has no icon in an inventory.