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Not to be confused with the Chinese New Year Party.
For the shop found inside this party, see Year of the Tiger Shop.

The Year of the Tiger Party is a party that all Jammers can attend. It was first released on January 6, 2022. It left on March 3, 2022.


This party shares the exact same background with the original Chinese New Year Party.

This party is set in a small village with Chinese houses. The player enters at the bottom of the party in a grassy area with a path that leads to stairs. On the left side, there is a small pond with a dock and a boat. The stair entrance leads the player into the village where there is a shop on the right and a variety of food displayed on the left. Beyond the houses is a clearing where there are a couple of waterfalls flowing into a small pond. A path leads up the right side of the cliff to the top of the waterfalls by crossing bridges and rocks, and the player can additionally slide down the waterfalls. Behind the cliff is a mountain scenery with a sunset and with animated fireworks that burst in the sky.


This party's music has not yet been sold. It starts off slow, and then slowly gets a bit fast paced, it has a very Chinese New Year-like tone to match the overall theme and scenery.


The primary attraction of this party is the Year of the Tiger Shop that sells Tiger-themed land den items. Apart from the shop, there are some interactive elements in the party. If the player clicks the painting of the dragon above the fruit, they will receive an animated dragonfly Holdable Icon that can then be carried around. Also, clicking on the plate of oranges will give the Jammer a holdable orange icon next to their avatar, which will eventually disappear after a while.